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Please submit your own view of your experiences with Matrix Martial Arts at Thank you for looking and see you in class!

Karate and martial arts classes in Leicester


​"Matrix has inspired 3 members of my family to strive for more and to be the best they can be. Every session is fun, challenging and professional. Toni teaches the fundamental tools for the little ones in lil dragons class and the pathway is then open to make it all the way to the coveted black belt through the senior/family classes.

Just excellent"

Fiona B. Mountsorrel classes


"Having been with Matrix for 5 years I know I am part of a fantastic martial arts club. Despite the physical and mental challenges of karate, classes at Matrix are never a chore as the diverse curriculum and friendly atmosphere keep you firmly engaged and enjoying yourself. While striving for the next belt I've been able to make friends, compete at a national level, take part in charity kumites and demonstrations, and even teach my own classes.

I would therefore recommend this club to anyone and everyone"


Jazmine D. Fleckney classes


"Danny’s session was fun, fully interactive and thoroughly enjoyable. The children had a great time, and have been motivated to do more outside of school. Danny arrived prepared, organised and took complete control of the sessions, with the emphasis on fun in a safe and nurturing environment. He is welcome back to Evington Valley any time! I recommend him wholeheartedly for workshops in any school".

Year 5&6 Teacher, Sim Street, Evington Valley Primary School


I had a brilliant time. It was good fun and I was so tired at the end!

Year 5 Pupil, Evington Valley Primary School


I learnt loads of self defence moves!

Year 6 pupil, Evington Valley Primary School


I really liked the way Danny can do forward rolls and then jump to his feet quickly. I have been practising! He is really skilled and I wish he would come again!

Year 6 pupil, Evington Valley Primary School


Danny taught us how to get out of a fall without hurting ourselves, and how to escape from a tight grip-it’s so easy!

Year 6 pupil, Evington Valley


The girls loved it just as much as the boys- he should do a girls club!

Year 6 pupil, Evington Valley Primary School


"Karate has helped me to become a more confident person - helping me in everyday life not just by doing the sport. Matrix has been part of my life for over 5 years now, in that time I have won numerous competitions for Kata, become an assistant to the Fleckney Lil Dragons, been involved with the charity events, met great people and achieved my goal of becoming a Black Belt. All of this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for support from the instructors and fellow members.

Matrix is family to me."
Thank you!


Hollie D. Fleckney classes


Dear Danny,
Thanks once again for attending our quorn cub pack last night, especially at such short notice. The feedback I have had from the cubs has been really positive.  They got so much out of their lesson in self-defence, and both myself and the other leader were very impressed with how well our 20+ cubs responded to you.
I wont hesitate to recommend you to other cub packs.

Amanda B. Cub Leader Quorn


“I employed Danny to do some Self Defence Training with 15 Special Needs Children at South Wigston High School. The children can be disruptive but Danny managed the class brilliantly; he used a firm but fair behaviour management strategy. All his classes were taught brilliantly with clear objectives as a result all the children (no matter their disability) understood. 

Many of the children in the class were selected on the basis that they were vulnerable or lacked confidence; after the sessions I felt all the children gained something from the classes. The self defence drills he selected to teach were relevant to the situations some of the vulnerable (or bullied) children may have experienced in the playground etc. All of his drills were carried out in a safe and appropriate manner."


Hussein Khan, South Wigston High School PE Department


Dear Danny,
the girls and leaders at 2nd Quorn Brownies thoroughly enjoyed the taster session with you and Jazz last week. It was very informative with the right balance of information and hands on demonstration. The girls all loved being able to have a go at the skills and they thought it was great to be able to shout without being told to be quiet! All the leaders agreed how important it is for girls to have an awareness of self-defence. We have had some positive feedback from parents too about how much their girls enjoyed the session. Hope some of them decide to take it up and learn the ‘secret’!

Jo (AKA Pink Rabbit)
2nd Quorn Brownies


Hi Danny

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for coming along to our Beaver meeting last week. The boys and girls loved it. I even had one Beaver tell me at the weekend that she went along to one of your classes for the first time on Friday and had lots of fun. She said she found everyone there very welcoming. 

Thanks again,

David Hall

Quorn Beaver Scouts


Danny conducted a holiday workshop at our school. He captured the interest of the children immediately. The children were engaged throughout the session and responded enthusiastically to the  variety of activities. Thank you danny!


Caitlin, Leicester Montessori school

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